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Skala Zentrum
Skala Zentrum

Skala lies on the island of Kefalonia and has a total population of ca. 5.900. Skala offers many different sights and is a popular excursion destination, not just for the Greek.


In no case, one can miss the harbour of Skala, here can be seen a special contrast, the white buildingss of Chora against the black wall of the Johannes monastery. The monastery complex is pretty spacious, it is surrounded by some fortifications and eight chapels. The monastery was built in the year 1088 by the saint Christodoulos, today the monastery hosts a museum with a large collection of crowns, jewellery, crosses, chalices, old scripts and paintings.


At a stone's throw lies the famous grotto Apocalypse, here lived the Saint Johannes from 95 to 97 A.D. A monastery was built around the grotto, the Apokalypse. Inside one can see the stones which the apostle supposedly used as pillows.


After so much culture, one should visit the beach of Patmos. This beach is situated north of the bay of Patmos. The bay's water is crystal clear and during the entire summer pleasantly warm. One can do many water sports like sailing, swimming or canoeing.


The beach is simply ideal for sunbathing, strolls and of course swimming. The beach is as well good for children because the entrance into the sea is very shallow. A special experience is a dive in the impressive underwater world of the Mediterranean. After an tiring dive one may relax in the numerous restaurants and cafés close to the beach.


In whole Skala are many hotels apartments and holiday lodges that guarantee a memorable stay. In the evening one can stroll through the town or visit a bar.

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