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Poros, Hafenstadt
Poros, Hafenstadt

The harbour of Poros is an important connection between Kefalonia and the Greek mainland. It was rebuilt after the earthquake in 1953, when the few fishermen’s homes were destroyed. It is harmonically built at the foot of the mountains Pahni and Atros. A 2 km long, rugged coast abundant with sandy beaches and alee-ports, surrounds it's seafront. The sea with it's clear and transparent waters offers a spectacular view with various colours.

The area is known as a fishing village, whilst it's caves give shelter to the Monachus-Monachus seals and the Caretta-Caretta turtles.


The route between Tzannata and Poros is known as the Poros Sound. It runs between high rocks in a sublime way of beauty. In the Northwest of Poros a small street leads to the monastery Panagia Atrou, the oldest monastery on the island. It is located in an impressive setting, on a 500 meters high hill with a gorgeous view on the surroundings.

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