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Agia Efimia

Agia Efimia
Agia Efimia


Meaning of the name


The name comes from the time when Caesar Diokletian lived. She was born into a very religious family who taught her all Christian virtues. When the heathen Emperor of Asia Minor invited every citizen to a feast for god Ares, Efimia decided to decline, so as not to celebrate pagan symbols. She was sent to prison and when she still refused to accept heathanism she was fed to wild animals.


The orthodox church declared her a saint and celebrated her names day on September the 16th.


Agia Efimia today


This little town is based on a traditional fishermen’s village where the centre is a small port. There are a number of taverns, bars and shops as well as accommodation providers and local residences. The harbour is popular with sailing holidays and is the home of flotilla sailing groups. Many of the old buildings in Agia Efimia were destroyed during the earthquake in 1953, while some of he original buildings can still be seen.


The total population is about 600.


The beaches in Agia Efimia are covered in gravel and offer crystal clear water along with deserted coasts. Here it is easy to find a beach for oneself alone!


The Aquatic World Diving School offers adventurous underwater experiences. Boat tours are provided in the harbour of Agia Efimia.


If you are on the go with a rental car, you will find close by the stunning Melissani lake as well as limestone caves to explore!


The gastronomic offer on Agia Efimia are not just Greek specialities, but also freshly caught specialities from the sea.


Boarding houses and apartments plus hotel complexes provide various accommodation options.

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