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Kefalonia Your Paradice

  Spend your holidays on the Greek island Kefalonia


The island Kefalonia in Greece is the biggest of the Ionian islands. 42.000 inhabitants are living there on around 740km².

Kefalonia is widely spared from tourism. The island is an insider's tip for a relaxing but certainly not boring holiday. Lovers of nature and wanderers will love Kefalonia.


Wonderful beaches with crystal-clear water motivate to bathing and pausing. You can also find numerous solitary bays and caves to explore. The famous Myrtos Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Greece and is situated in Kefalonia.


There are hardly any hotel complexes on the island Kefalonia. You rather find private quarters, vacation apartments and also tempting mansions.


It seems unique that the cuisine on this greek island rather reminds one of Italy.

Kefalonia - Sonnenuntergang, Petanoi Strand
Kefalonia - Sonnenuntergang, Petanoi Strand
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